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Product Feeds

Product Feeds

In order to get the most out of the Size Me Up widget, we ask for a product feed. This feed should be in the Google Shopping format, which is a standard format, well defined, with some clear requirements. Information about these requirements can be found here.

Faslet Requirements

For Faslet to process your feed correctly, there are a few extra requirements. We also provide a handy validation tool!

  1. Faslet Enabled products require an id
  2. Faslet Enabled products require an item_group_id
  3. Faslet Enabled products require a valid title

In addition to these items, there are some Google Shopping Feed requirements for fashion products that we recommend your store follows:

  1. gender is specified and is one of male, female, or unisex. No other values will be processed.
  2. availability is specified and is one of in stock, out of stock, in_stock, out_of_stock, preorder, or backorder. No other values will be processed.
  3. size is specified.

Faslet will also read the GTIN (EAN/UPC/JAN) if it is provided. If it is provided, please make sure that it is a GTIN, and not your store's product ID. It is beneficial for your store to leave it out (and set identifier exists to False) if you do not have a valid GTIN.


Enter your feed in the Portal

In the Faslet Partner Portal, under your store, you will find a field to fill in your Google Shopping Feed. This field has a button next to it, to trigger validation.

product feed validations

Validate your feed

Once you've put your feed URL in the field, click the validation button. If your feed is valid, the button will turn into a green checkmark:

valid feed

If your feed is not valid, you will see a popup with the errors and warnings:

invalid feed

In this popup, you can see the information that Faslet gets from your feed. In this case, the item_group_id is missing. Depending on how you generate your feeds, this can be simple to fix. The item_group_id should be mapped to the parent product's ID, or whatever your developer has implemented as the ProductId that is being sent to Faslet. Below is an example of the Finalize screen in Channable:

channable mapping screen

Once your feed has been updated, return to valdating your feed. Repeat this process until all the Errors are gone. Faslet cannot process any items that have errors.


Some items might not have Sizes, Genders or Item Group IDs. These are probably products that do not show the Faslet button. If these items show errors in the validation, they will simply be ignored.


In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on