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Return Tracking

Send Faslet your return data

In order to process and analyze your return data we need to collect and process it. We can do this in two ways:

Direct integration

We provide direct integration with some return platforms:

These can be configured in the App Marketplace in the Faslet Partner Portal.

If you use one of the above, please get in touch with your Faslet representative.

Manual export from the platform you use to track your returns

You can send us a raw data export from the platform you use to track your returns. That can be a .CSV or Excel file.

This is what the export should include for us to properly track returns:

  • OrderID
  • Timestamp or date created
  • Product ID (this is NOT the variant ID)
  • Product group (e.g. sweater/ shirt etc)
  • SKU
  • Variant ID
  • Return reason (please use the reasons in list below)
  • Product price
  • User ID (optional)

Return reasons

Too big1
Too small2
Product is damaged3
Product isn’t as expected4
Wrong article/ size5
Color isn’t as expected6
Quality isn’t as expected7
Other reason8
Multiple sizes ordered9

API connection

Please see our dedicated API Documentation for more information.


No sensitive customer data is stored or gathered by Faslet.


In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on