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Customer Data Platform Integration

Would you like to integrate Faslet with your CDP (Customer Data Platform)? Our Size Me Up Virtual Assistant can provide you with the user profile data you need to make your CDP even more powerful. This guide will help you do that.


As from our documentation on the window._faslet object, the callback is called with the following parameters:

interface Window {
_faslet?: {
onResult?: (
result: {
label: string;
userName: string | undefined;
userId: string;
profile: {
weight: number | undefined;
height: number | undefined;
ageRange: string | undefined;
referenceShoeBrand: string | undefined;
referenceShoeSize: string | undefined;
resultType: 'auto' | 'result-screen'
) => unknown; // Will be invoked when a result is calculated

The important things to note here:

  • The first parameter is an object with information about the result such as the size label that was recommended to the customer, the user's name (if given), the Faslet userId, and the user's basic profile.
  • The second parameter is a string that indicates if the result was calculated automatically on the PDP or if the result screen was shown to the customer.

With this information, it is possible to connect your CDP's user data to the Faslet user data. This can be done by sending a request to your CDP with the Faslet userId and the user's profile data. The CDP can then use this data to enrich the user profile with the Faslet data. The exact implementation is up to your team, and relies heavily on what your CDP allows.

Faslet can assist with the implementation of this feature, and provide suggestions and guidance on how to best implement it.


In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on