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Shopware 6 App integration

For Shopware version 6.4.8 and newer, we have built an App for easy installation!


Only users with the 'Upload Extensions' permission will have the ability to add the Faslet Size Me Up App.

  1. In the Shopware Admin panel, press hover over Extension and select "My Extensions".

    Go to Extensions

  2. On the Extensions screen, select Upload Extension. If you receive a warning popup about loading extensions from outside of the Shopware Store, click "Confirm".


You should never load extensions from outside of the Shopware Store unless you trust the source. Faslet is a trusted source.

Add new Extension

  1. Choose the latest Faslet Size Me Up App Zip file and click Install App on the Faslet Size Me Up Assistant.

    Choose Zip File


    Download the latest Faslet Shopware App here

  2. Once the App is installed, select configuration from the overflow menu to configure the App:

    Configuration in overflow menu

  3. Fill in your Faslet Shop ID, which you can get from your store in the Faslet Partner Portal, or your Faslet representative.

    Configure App

  4. Click Save and return to the extensions screen. Toggle the App to "On" in the Extensions screen.

    Activate app

Before Faslet can activate the button on your PDPs, you will need to wait for the Cache to invalidate. If you are comfortable invalidating this yourself, you can do this, otherwise the default cache is 1 hour. After that time has elapsed, the Faslet code will be active on your PDPs, and Faslet can start the process of activating products on your store! Reach out to Faslet once you have installed the App and we will help you get started.


In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on