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Integration Checklist


This simple list can be used to validate if the integration is complete:

  • The faslet-app.min.js script loads on all products
  • The button is visible on Products for which Faslet has enabled the button
  • If Faslet has not enabled the button on a product, the button should not be visible
  • If an item is in stock, Add to Cart shows at the end of the popup flow
  • When placing an Order, the faslet-orders.js script should be loaded
  • When placing an Order, an event HTTP request should occur for each product in the order

Check the portal

In the Faslet Partner Portal we have a helper for the order tracking and product page integrations. This can be found under your store, in the Widget Integration Tab:

Integration status

Checking your statistics Dashboard in the portal can also give clear insight into whether the integration is correct. For example, if you see that your conversion stats are not reporting, then it's very likely that something is not integrated correctly.


If you are in doubt, reach out to Faslet Support and we can help validate your integration.