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Shopify App

Faslet provides a Shopify App in the Shopify App Store which can be installed in the shopify environment. The widget can also be installed manually, by following the below instructions. For Modern Shopify themes, this dramatically simplifies the installation process.

Note that a Faslet Shop ID is required prior to getting started.


In order to provide full insights, Faslet requests that you implement both the Widget on the Product Page and Order Tracking on the Thank You page. To validate your installation, please see our Integration Checklist

Manual integration


If you want to place the Faslet button, the button we use to trigger the Faslet widget on your page, you can paste our shared HTML snippet of code in your product template to be able to place the button.

The Faslet button looks like this:

Faslet Button

Please find more information below about the steps you should take to install the Faslet widget to your shopify webshop. Here we go!


  1. Go to your Shopify dashboard

  2. Click Online store, which you can find in the side menu, at the bottom of the Screen


  3. Click on Themes

  4. Click on Actions

  5. Click on Edit Code


    Now, you can add the Faslet snippet we’ve shared with you, somewhere in your script.

  6. Place the add the snippet code



ATTENTION: Please be aware that you will need to find where in your theme you’d like to place the Faslet button. Our suggestion is to start looking is in the Sections/product-template.liquid or the Templates/product.liquid file

  1. Click Save

  2. Click Preview


It might take a few tries to get the location right in your product layout. You can click preview after you place the code to see if it is in the perfect place on your product page. To restore, just remove the code and click save again. Do this until you find the right position on your page.

Order Tracking

This will allow Faslet to track orders and compare users that are using the Faslet widget with users that are not using the widget.

Order Tracking snippet


SHOP_ID should be the shop identifier provided by Faslet for your store


Faslet does not collect any information that can be used to personally identify the user. Any information collected is purely for purposes of reducing returns and providing the store with the best analysis about sizing.


Please follow these steps to add Faslet order tracking:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab in the menu on the left side in Shopify

    View demo button

  2. Click on Checkout button

    View demo button

  3. Under the Order Processing section, add the Faslet order tracking code, you received from the Faslet team, to the Additional scripts field.

    View demo button


If you already have other code in this field, add our code to the end of it

  1. Make sure that the status is active and click on Save.


In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on


If you'd like Faslet to help you install the widget and order tracking code, Shopify allows for adding Collaborators (see article for more details). Faslet will request the Themes and Manage Settings permissions. Note that "Only the store owner, or staff with Manage collaborator requests permission, can view collaborator access requests or grant collaborator access to a store."